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The name of our association is China National Adhesives Industry Association (CNAIA). CNAIA, as a juridical association under the sanction of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, is voluntarily made up of enterprises and institutions that engage in adhesive and sealant industry. It is a national non-profit self-regulatory specialized social organization. The aim of our association is to unite all the members to comply with the Constitution, laws, regulations, policies, to abide by the social moral fashion; to develop various activities to promote the adhesives and sealants industry; to enhance the cooperation among domestic and foreign adhesive enterprises and associations and to serve as a bridge and tie between the Government and enterprises.As agreed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), and upon the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), China National Adhesives Industry Association was renamed as China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association (abbreviated as CATIA) since March 15, 2012.

The business scope of our association includes the following:

1.to offer consulting services; to put forward the suggestions concerning adhesive production, research and existed problems and industry development plans.

2.to collect and analysis the relative information of adhesive production, sales, technology innovation, import and export, and release the information inside and outside the industry periodically.

3.to standardize enterprises behavior; to promote self-regulation of the industry; to maintain market order and fair competition.

4.to organize national and international meetings, conferences and exhibitions of scientific and technological information exchanging.

5.to arrange visits abroad and receive foreign visitors.

6.to organize drawing up and revising relative quality standards and enhance the upgrade of adhesive products.

7.to afford technical advice, service and training; to promote investment.

8.to organize activities on technology innovation and products quality upgrade; to participate in science & technology achievement identification and application, to apply for and recommend for China Top Brand adhesive products.

9.to publish and issue vocational publications.

10.to be responsible for taking measures to safeguard the rights and benefit of members and our association when their legitimate interests are violated, while reserving the right to lawsuit.

11.to undertake matters entrusted by the governmental departments in charge, other organizations and member units.

12.to develop other activities that benefit our industry.

The highest authoritative organization of CATIA is the members' meeting. The council, as the executive organization that leads the association while the members' meeting is not in session, is elected by the members' meeting. CATIA's chairman, the deputy chairman, the secretary-general and the standing directors are elected by the council. Meetings of the council are convened at least once a year, meetings of the standing council are convened at least twice a year, all the important issues such as operation management, finance supervision, admission and removal of the membership should be discussed by the council or the standing council and then operated by the Secretariat Office. The Secretariat Office is responsible for daily work, financial and asset management, and organizing the implementation of the association's annual operational plan, coordinating with every section and each special committee, launching various communication events.

 CATIA has eight special committees, includes PSA & Products Committee, Polymer Emulsion Adhesive Committee, Rubber Adhesive Committee, PU Adhesive Committee, Hot Melt Adhesive Committee , Engineering Adhesive Committee, Construction Adhesive Committee and Acrylic Acid (Ester) Branch. Each Committee convenes a Committee Meeting every two to three years, providing a platform for information and technologies communication and related issue discussion.

Our association starts the magazine China Adhesive (monthly) and issues it both at home and abroad. Nowadays it is one of the most influential periodical with an annual circulation of nearly 100 thousand. For the internal communication and information transmission,  CATIA also starts an intra-limited periodical China Adhesives Information (monthly).

   CATIA, since its establishment, constantly abides by the “Be united, innovative, realistic” style of work and devotes to serve its members and the whole industry. It conducts various activities, such as tech and info exchange conference, international exhibition, forum and group visit, etc. The annual conference and exhibition attract more and more manufactures, consumers and experts, and build up a reputation.

    CATIA represents the interest of more than 380 companies, which are influential enterprises, institutes and colleges, and holds a brain trust of 30 famous experts.  CATIA keeps in contact with associations in the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and engages the presidents of some of the mentioned associations to be technology consultants.  CATIA earns a good reputation in China adhesive industry. We sincerely hope getting more communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign adhesive companies, institutes and associations, and promoting new development of adhesive industry.

Contact person:

Vice President & Secretary General:

Michael Yang Tel: +86-10-87667165 Email: yang@cnaia.org

Vice Secretary General & Membership Dept. Director:

Vivian Fu Tel: +86-10-87664843 Fax: 86-10-87663015 Email: member@cnaia.org


Web: www.cnaia.org

Registered Address: Room C-206, No.19, Dongsanhuan South Road, Chaoyang District,  Beijing 100021, China

Mail Address: Room 2107, Tower B, Tianyuangang Center, No. 2, Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, China